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for farmers
We provide farmers a convenient solution for seasonal and short-term staff. We have dedicated and reliable teams who are ready to help when required; for planting, packing or harvesting.
for staff
We provide people an opportunity to work on great farms throughout the Auckland region, whether it be casual, seasonal or full-time employment through A3 Farms.  
Simple, reliable, stress-free solutions A3 FARM
The process is simple with us: Contact us and let us know when you need farm help and we’ll send out the right teams to get the job done efficiently. We’ll liaise with you throughout the contract period to ensure your expectations can be met. It means you can focus on what’s really important for running your farm.
Whether or not you’ve prepped the soil and plants, we can help you plant your crop. Our team are capable of planting seeds, transplanting young plants and ensuring consistent spacing. 
When your plants have matured and the crop is ready to be harvested, we understand that timing is crucial. We’ll ensure your harvest targets can be met with our efficient and reliable team.
Ensuring your harvest safely gets to market can be a stressful time. Our team can help with the whole process from pick up & collection to grading, packing & storage at the packhouse. We’ll ensure your crops are prepared carefully to get to market.
Who are
A3 Farm Solutions?
A3 Farm

We are a family business, New Zealand owned and operated, born out of the desire to help farmers ensure their core activities are simple and stress-free. We have extensive industry knowledge and continue to learn through our partnerships with growers. It’s this experience and desire to help that means we can promise to deliver a simple and efficient staff solution to our clients. We understand the core operations can put undue pressure and constraints on farm operations, which is why we provide simple staff solutions to farmers at moments they require extra help. We support the full journey from planting, through harvesting, to packing produce for easy processes throughout the horticultural supply chain. We’ll provide the staff to boost your farm operations and productivity when you need it most. Whether you need a big or small team for a short-term or long-term job, we will take care of it.

I had a nice experience working for A3 Farm, planting Broccolis, Silverbeet, and lettuce! It was my first time working at a farm, and as I've lived my entire life in a big city I thought it would be hard for me to adapt, but I ended up enjoying every single minute there, especially the fact of being outdoor surrounded by nature, animals, and getting to know people from all over the world.
Alessandra - STAFF
I have been in New Zealand for a year and a half and working on the farm for 7 months. My current job on the farm is the job I liked the most here. Since I started working there, I discovered how much I enjoy being in contact with nature and how being outdoors changes my day. I never imagined working with something like this, but that is the idea of an exchange programme, doing things that we never imagined doing and that today we cannot live without. After you start working on a farm, you get to know the reality of the countryside and experience a simpler, nature-oriented life. On the farm I have the opportunity to learn English practicing with native speakers and have a cultural exchange with the locals. I made countless friendships there, friendships that I will carry for life.
Giovanna - STAFF
If you work with a strong and awesome team, you work better.
Vitor - STAFF
Big or small team, short- or long-term job,
we’ll supply what you need.

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